Why You Should Choose an Orthodontist

Why You Should Choose an Orthodontist

Why You Should Choose an Orthodontist

If you are looking for a way to get straighter teeth and a more confident smile, then you should already know that there is no easy way to decide where to go, who to trust, and how much you should pay to get that smile you’ve always wanted. Just in the past few years, many family dentists have been offering the same treatment as an orthodontist along with their various other services, which makes that initial decision of who to go to for straighter teeth more difficult. When you have to make that decision, there are a few things you should consider before you get started on your treatment.

Consider the Training

A dentist is trained in dental school for various things. An orthodontist is also trained in dental school, but in addition to their schooling, they also go through a two or three-year long residency program that teaches them the various ins and outs of orthodontic treatment. They are trained in a setting with real cases that helps them learn hands on. Often, they work full-time positions in these clinics, and they usually work around 40 hours each week just to get that special training they need to better assess a patient’s teeth and give them a customized treatment plan.

Consider the Specialized Skills

Since you only have a single set of teeth, you want to make sure that when you are ready to get them straightened out that you are getting the right care. This means, making sure your treatment is specialized for you. Orthodontists are trained and taught to analyze a patient’s teeth to provide the most customized treatment option available. Just like a brain surgeon is a specialist in the medical field, an orthodontist is a specialist in the dental field. A dentist is skilled, yes, but they do not have that specialized skill set that an orthodontist has to help straighten out your teeth.

Consider the Expertise

With a certain knowledge of the most recent technologies and techniques, an orthodontist can provide the best treatment for a patient based on their specific and unique needs. Some might choose to give a patient Invisalign, while others might require traditional braces to get the job done. A dentist might suggest an option, but this may not be the ideal option for your specific needs.

Orthodontists also have specialized training in jaw alignment, which is another important part of teeth alignment. To get the teeth aligned perfectly, the jaw must be aligned as well. While a dentist can do many things, they cannot accurately adjust your jaw to help your teeth. An orthodontist can provide an ideal plan to help you get your jaw and teeth aligned. This alignment also helps keep the teeth straighter after the treatment is over. After all, if you are paying a good bit of money and invested a good bit of time for straightening, you want to prevent any relapses of your less than perfect smile.

Finding the right person to help you get that straight and beautiful smile isn’t always easy, but there are a few questions you can ask yourself before you choose. Are they qualified to straighten teeth? Will they provide you with a personalized plan? Do they have the expertise needed to help you maintain your smile even after the treatment is over? As you consider these things, you can find the right orthodontist or dentist to help you get that smile of your dreams. You can feel confident that you are getting the right care, and you can enjoy the feeling of a straight and confident smile.

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