Early Treatment

Give your child the smile they deserve

Dr. Rick Herrmann understands how important your children are to you. That’s why he encourages you to bring them in for an early orthodontic exam at approximately age 7, as recommended by the American Association of Orthodontists. Bite problems may be present at this age, which, left unattended, can be difficult to correct at a later age or even cause irreparable damage to the permanent teeth. Even one crooked tooth can throw off the bite, hinder proper cleaning and cause functional problems, as your child grows older, including gum disease, cavities and speech disorders. Dr. Herrmann will conduct a comprehensive exam to check for these and other problems:

  • Excessive wear & chipping of front teeth
  • Severe crowding
  • Habits: finger/thumb-sucking, tongue-thrusting
  • Cross bite of front & back teeth
  • Eruption problems & space management

The benefits of correcting bite problems early

Early detection and treatment can prevent your child from needing extensive orthodontic care in the future. You’ll be happy to know that Dr. Herrmann always looks at conservative treatment options first. He uses the latest interceptive methods to correct problems before they progress. These include expansion devices, habit appliances and retainers. Early intervention can reduce treatment time for your child’s braces later on and provide a stable, healthy bite — radiant smile — for a lifetime.

Finally, Dr. Herrmann and his friendly staff will provide your child with the above-and-beyond personal attention that can make their visits a relaxed, fun and positive experience.

Make a healthy, beautiful smile possible for your child. Call Rick Herrmann Orthodontics at (817) 473-9880 and schedule your child’s orthodontic exam and consultation today!