Lingual Braces

Lingual (Invisible) Braces – SureSmile QT

Invisible, Fast and Accurate

Dr. Rick Herrmann is proud to be one of the first practices worldwide to offer braces on the inside of the teeth using the the proven SureSmile technology he has been offering for years.

SureSmile QT lingual treatment is our most advanced and esthetic option for adult and teen patients who want to smile without sacrificing aesthetics and especially for those in high profile positions, athletes and VIPs.

Lingual Braces offer three advantages, in a single treatment method:

  • Invisible: The braces are bonded to the inside of the tooth! Nobody but you knows that you are having orthodontic treatment! It’s more clear than Invisalign, because there is simply nothing there to see on the front of your teeth.
  • Self-ligating bracket system: Ā The friction of orthodontic appliances (between wire and braces) is reduced, and that means that tooth movement is smoother and less impeded.
  • Short and Precise: Ā State-of-the-art SureSmile technology allows us to capture a highly accurate 3D model of the teeth to accurately plan individual movements of the teeth and roots in 3D using specialized SureSmile software. Then using the software we are able to have a robot bend a highly precise ā€œsmartā€ wire that is made to perform the desired movements. SureSmileĀ® is proven to reduce treatment time by up to 33%.

Other Reasons to Choose Lingual Braces

Allows for treatment of orthodontic problems that are not possible with other ā€œinvisibleā€ options.

Improvement in tooth appearance during all stages of the treatment (even in the beginning stages), because the appliance does not prevent the improvements in your smile from being seen.

No risk of visible discoloration of the teeth near the gums or borders of the brackets after removal of the braces because bonding is done on the non-visible lingual side of the teeth.

No increased risk of injury due to sports, or accidents.

Get started today on having the smile you have always wanted without the look of conventional braces!

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