Curious About Braces? What You Can Learn From a Free Orthodontist Consultation

Curious About Braces? What You Can Learn From a Free Orthodontist Consultation

A free orthodontist consultation is a risk-free and painless way to learn about something that is unique to you: your smile. Your smile is one of your most important assets. It will last forever, so why not invest a little time in getting the smile you want. Not only can a healthy smile boost your self-esteem, it can also improve the functions of your daily life.

A confident and comfortable smile doesn’t need to cost a fortune. A free orthodontist consultation from Dr. Rick Herrmann can answer your questions about length of treatment and financing. The consultation can start you on the road to a beautiful, comfortable smile.

A Free Orthodontist Consultation Can Educate You about Dental Alignment Benefits

Proper dental alignment has many benefits. Some of those benefits are a comfortable bite, better position of your jaw when speaking and sleeping, improved confidence and an awesome smile. While some of these results are functional in that they promote overall dental and physical health, others are aesthetic. Based on the current state of your mouth, your orthodontist will be able to give you informed possibilities for the future.

A Free Orthodontist Consultation Will Offer Treatment Options Specific to You

You’ve asked your friends about their experiences with orthodontists. You’ve probably done some Internet research about different varieties of treatment. No doubt, you’ve gathered plenty of information. However, how much of that information is specific to you and your mouth? Our office can offer a plan that is unique to you. A treatment plan will be drawn up that is specific to your unique mouth.

A Free Orthodontist Consultation Offers a Realistic Timeline

Dr. Herrmann can explain how long the process will take. Everyone’s teeth move at different rates. Your treatment plan will take into account the current state of your mouth. The treatment plan you choose will affect the timeline.

A Free Orthodontist Consultation Will Inform You about Financing Options

Your smile is priceless! Of course, there are many flexible interest-fee payment plans available to you. A discussion about financing your treatment plan will ease your mind and assure you that you can afford that million-dollar smile!