5 Reasons You Would Need Braces

5 Reasons You Would Need Braces

For generations, orthodontic appliances like braces have made people uneasy with certain treatments to address problems with their smile. Many people do not realize that braces are now quite fashionable! They are a public and proactive display of care and concern when it comes to appearance.

There are several classic signs that indicate the need for dental appliances like braces. Some of them are noticed early in life, but others present potential problems in adulthood. Modern orthodontic sciences make it simple and easy for people to have corrective measures like braces. Yes, they make pictures more interesting. The perfect smiles that braces produce however, are worth the time. Here are a few ways to tell if you, or a loved one, needs braces.

1. Common Gaps

Many people develop perfectly healthy teeth that are set widely apart. Gaps between teeth are an indication of an extremely long jaw line. Teeth that grow into maturity with large gaps are susceptible to gum disease and abnormal damage. Braces can gradually help these teeth to set in their proper channels, and they increase a person’s comfort in biting. Sometimes, big smiles feature teeth that are separated by large gaps. Though the teeth are healthy, they lack the support of other teeth. Closing the gaps with braces is a way to ensure that tooth health and strength continues.

2. Biting Comfort

The slightest misalignment in a natural tooth pattern can cause extreme fatigue and discomfort. When a person continually chews food with an improper tooth alignment, they can develop muscular problems. Trouble with chewing results in muscular fatigue that can cause tension headaches. It can also interfere with things like sports performance and sleeping. Braces can coax teeth into their natural alignment. This is especially true as adult teeth develop in younger people. Teeth that are aligned properly with appliances like braces will help a young person to feel more comfortable with their appearance. They will also be less likely to incur injuries like chipping.

3. Abnormal Jaw Clinching

For someone with misaligned teeth, clinching the jaw is a natural reaction. There is no reason that anyone should develop things like TMJ, or neck muscle fatigue because of misaligned teeth. A few months with braces will help teeth to lie in their natural tracks. If a person can rest their mouth properly, many muscular tension problems will subside. Braces can relieve headaches and many other troublesome conditions.

4. The Mouth and Human Interaction

Many people develop problems with speech and chewing food when teeth are misaligned. Young children have an amazing ability to cope with this abnormality, but it is something that they do not have to endure. Every jaw, mandible, and skull structure has an ideal alignment profile. Braces can adjust tooth patterns to help a person enjoy the freedom that this pattern creates. If there is a noticeable speech pattern problem, the cause could be misaligned teeth. Braces can correct this. The result is a much more relaxed and free mode of speech.

5. Visual Indicators

As a person’s teeth develop, they will display a certain profile. Properly aligned teeth lie in singular rows. They are generally equal in height from the gum line, and should have a uniform color. Parents especially, will notice if their children’s teeth are growing in a crowded manner. Crowded teeth will take diagonal patterns. They will also present special problems when a child learns to brush and floss. These crowded teeth can be straightened with appliances like braces. Braces will prevent problems like overbites, under bites, nervous grinding, and undue tooth decay linked to cleaning difficulties.

If you are an adult considering braces, there are signs that this type of orthodontic treatment is necessary. You may have developed adult teeth earlier than your peers.  You also likely have other physical problems that are linked to how your teeth are aligned. Chewing food should not cause you to have a constant headache. Enjoying something like chewing bubble gum should not cause you pain. One tooth out of proper alignment can affect your entire personal outlook. That problem can be solved with braces.

So if you are wondering if braces are right for you, come visit your Mansfield and Arlington, TX Orthodontist, Dr. Rick Herrmann. Consultations are always complimentary.