You’re Never Too Old For The Orthodontist

Man Smiling with Hand Under Chin

You’re Never Too Old For The Orthodontist

Orthodontics often calls to mind the image of a teenager with a mouth full of braces. Secretly though, many adults feel subconscious about their smile. The good news is that orthodontic interventions are every bit as effective for adults as they are for teens and children. The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) even has recommendations ready-made for adult patients.

Treatment for adult patients is similar to that of younger patients, but it does tend to last longer. The bone tissue of adult patients can be thicker, so the length of the treatment is extended to better help adult teeth move. Impediments for adult orthodontia also include fillings, lost teeth, corroded teeth, and various forms of dental disease. Fortunately, orthodontists are fully capable of handling these issues. All AAO trained orthodontists know their way around a mouth, whether it belongs to a child or an adult.

The typical process for an adult patient lasts almost 2 years, with appointments and consultations around every 2 months. The end result will be a confident smile, improved biting and chewing, and an overall improvement in dental fitness. The aesthetic aspect is usually what is most appealing to adult orthodontic patients, but the comprehensive improvements in oral health cannot be overstated. There are lifelong benefits to healthy teeth and gums that go well beyond the mouth.

For adults, the single most common concern regarding orthodontic treatment is the appearance of the braces themselves. Fortunately, the last decade or so has seen enormous improvements made in the field of orthodontics. Today’s braces have come a long way from their metallic origins. Patients are now offered a selection of choices that include SureSmile, smaller brackets, gold braces, braces that are matched to the color of the teeth, braces that are fitted on the hidden backs of teeth, and removable clear aligners, or Invisalign.

Not all patients will be candidates for all forms of equipment. This is where the skills of an AAO orthodontist are needed. Orthodontic Specialists such as Dr. Rick Herrmann are trained to know what will best suit the needs of individual patients. Each mouth is different, and each patient comes with a different dental record. Dr. Herrmann can examine your specific needs and help you make an informed decision that will work you.

There is no obvious reason for adult patients not to have the smile and the mouth they want. What is important is for patients to consult an AAO trained and certified orthodontist for the best results. Orthodontists have not only fulfilled the requirements of an accredited dental school but have undertaken the extra two or three years of an orthodontic residency. AAO orthodontists are the experts in the field and they are trained to fulfill their patient’s dreams, whether adult or not, of a perfect, winning smile.

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