Want A Healthy Smile While Wearing Braces?

Want A Healthy Smile While Wearing Braces?

Now that 2021 has arrived, we here at Herrmann Orthodontics know you are busy making your New Year’s resolutions. If you happen to be wearing braces as 2021 begins, it’s important you take some time to consider how you can be sure you have a healthy smile throughout the year. While we know it’s tough adapting to your braces and all the care that goes with them, we also know being diligent about what you should or should not do along the way will result in excellent results once your braces are removed. Therefore, if you want a healthy smile in 2021 while wearing your braces, make the following resolutions.

Listen to Your Orthodontist

Above all else, listen to your orthodontist and what they tell you to do or not do during your course of treatment. Whether it means strapping on your headgear, making sure the rubber bands are in place, or wearing your retainer as needed, taking your orthodontist’s instructions to heart will pay off in the end.

Brush and Floss Like Clockwork

If there is one thing you don’t want to do while wearing your braces, it is fail to brush and floss your teeth on a regular basis each day. If you slack off in this area, you are setting yourself up for many unnecessary problems. Since it is very easy for pieces of food to get lodged in and around brackets, wires, and the crevices of your teeth, failing to brush and floss greatly increases your chances of developing tooth decay or gum disease. Rather than let this happen to you, we suggest you brush and floss your teeth twice per day, and always after you eat a meal.

Wear a Mouthguard

Whether you are engaging in activities during your gym class, are an athlete who is participating in various types of contact sports, or are simply playing a friendly game of football in the backyard with your friends or family, we here at Herrmann Orthodontics strongly suggest you always wear your mouthguard during these activities. By doing so, you will be able to protect your braces and teeth from getting damaged should you be hit in the mouth. Unfortunately, we have seen many clients through the years fail to heed this advice, only to take a hit in their mouth and suffer serious damage to their teeth and orthodontics. Thus, instead of finding yourself having an emergency appointment with us or an oral surgeon, opt to wear your mouthguard.

Don’t Eat Hard, Chewy, or Sticky Foods

Just like you and many of our patients, we here at Herrmann Orthodontics love to eat such fun foods as caramel, nuts, and popcorn. However, if you happen to be wearing braces as 2021 begins, we definitely suggest you make a New Year’s resolution to not eat these or any other foods that are sticky, chewy, or hard. If you don’t swear off these foods while wearing your braces, trouble will always ensue. Also, don’t be tempted to think you can stick a piece of chewing gum or bubble gum in your mouth either while you’re wearing braces, since this also never ends well. By choosing foods that are easy to eat and don’t put any unnecessary strain on your teeth and braces, your treatment will go much smoother.

By making these braces-friendly resolutions in 2021, your teeth and your orthodontist will thank you. If you’ve got any questions about your existing braces or believe you may be a good candidate for orthodontics, contact us here at Herrmann Orthodontics to schedule a consultation. In the meantime, Happy New Year!