The Psychological Benefits of Orthodontics for Children and Adults

The Psychological Benefits of Dentures for Children and Adults

The Psychological Benefits of Orthodontics for Children and Adults

Wearing braces can bring many benefits which are not only physical but also psychological.  There have been numerous studies that show that an individual’s unhappiness about their smile can lead to a low sense of self-esteem. When these issues have been examined and resolved the individual’s self-esteem will rise as they no longer feel inferior.

Peer pressure is especially an issue for teenagers, who feel judged by their school friends and social groups about their looks. This can hugely diminish their self-confidence, and if not tackled lead to increasing social isolation and depression.

Parents can help their children through this stressful period of accepting the need to wear braces. Firstly, it is useful to point out the benefits of braces in the longer term, and how straighter teeth will help them in their professional and social lives as adults.  Perhaps showing them examples in magazines of adults who have perfect teeth and comparing them with images of people who don’t will help motivate and convince your child of the importance and necessity of wearing braces. Since over 75 percent of children need orthodontic treatment, as some stage in their childhood, helping your child through this phase can be a bonding experience for you and your child.

Your child may be concerned not only about the appearance of the braces, but also the discomfort.  They can be reassured that any discomfort or pain usually lasts only for a few hours after fittings and adjustments.  Providing painkillers to take after their treatments, and arranging appointments at the end of the day, will also ensure children do not need to return to school while adjusting to their braces.

Children who play musical instruments or participate in sports may be advised by the orthodontist to use different attachments for their braces.  A Certified Orthodontist will offer the best advice on the most suitable, up to date,  orthodontic brackets. Braces used to be bulky and metallic, but there are now many different options.  There are braces which are ceramic and a similar color to the teeth and transparent brackets and bands.  There are also invisible ones, which fit over children’s teeth, and these are typically replaced every six weeks, so uncomfortable adjustments are no longer needed.

Seeking advice from a recommended Orthodontist can ensure that the treatment is rewarding and painless.

Adults are also increasingly seeking orthodontic treatment, in much larger numbers than previously.  Many people feel they can improve their smile, and that this would increase their general sense of self-confidence.  Others are seeking to address issues of neck pain, migraines, shoulder pain or TMD.

Our sense of self-esteem affects everything we do, from how we interact with others socially and professionally, to what decisions we make about how and where we live, and our futures.  A niggling doubt about how we look, can undermine a person’s sense of self-worth and have caused permanent damage to a person’s self-image.

Adult patients often report that, after completing orthodontic treatment, they feel more desirable, younger, and are much more sociable. Others state that they feel as if a weight has been lifted from their shoulders as they are no longer continually concerned about what people may think about their appearance. They feel that they can finally enjoy life more fully.

Orthodontists are dedicated to giving their patients the best treatment possible and enabling them to regain their confidence and improve their self-esteem.

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