The Benefits of SureSmile Technology in Orthodontics

The benefits of SureSmile technology in Orthodontics

The Benefits of SureSmile Technology in Orthodontics

Are you apprehensive about getting a new set of braces? Here at Rick Herrmann Orthodontics, our team understands your concerns. Braces are some of the lengthiest treatments that an orthodontics patient will go through, and we’re here to help.

Luckily for our patients, our orthodontists here at Mansfield Orthodontist specialize in SureSmile technology. These high-tech braces have revolutionized the industry. The SureSmile technology that our team uses focuses on computer assisted treatment planning. By calculating the pattern of a patients teeth, we can develop braces that fit your needs better than traditional styles of braces. Our team uses 3-D imaging software to develop a personalized treatment plan, which straightens teeth up to 40 percent faster than older models of braces.

The SureSmile technology has three steps for braces treatment.

1. Creating the 3-D Model

To begin, our team creates a 3-D model of our patients mouth. This is done by utilizing a piece of advanced orthodontics equipment called an OraScanner. The OraScanner is equipped with a tiny camera which captures the tooth layout of our patients mouth, which is then digitized to create a computerized model of a patients teeth. This allows our team to see exactly what is causing the patients teeth to become misaligned.

2. Developing a Plan

After a 3-D model is created for our patient, our team then utilizes the SureSmile system to create a treatment plan. The treatment plan is tested on the computer, ensuring that any complications can be fixed before treatment begins.

3. Creating Your Archwires

After the treatment plan has been created, the computer system that we use will develop a perfectly formed arch wire for your braces. The arch wire is created from Shape Memory Alloy, which allows our team to easily replace your arch wires. The computer will remember your profile, creating a “prescription” of sorts for your braces.

Expected Results

By utilizing the SureSmile technology, which creates your personalized arch wires, your teeth will move into place faster and more comfortably. Typically, we see that patients who use our SureSmile system experience faster results and a more comfortable experience during treatment.

While traditional braces required the patient to undergo treatment for about two years, patients who use the SureSmile system generally have their braces off in about a year. The patient using SureSmile can also expect to make fewer doctors visits. Traditionally, most patients would come in for checkups twenty times during their treatment. SureSmile patients usually only have to make ten appointments.

If you’re considering SureSmile orthodontic treatment, please contact our team at Rick Herrman Orthodontics. We serve the Orthodontic needs of Mansfield, Arlington, Burleson, Texas. Your new smile is only a call away!