Orthodontic Braces: Does it hurt?

Are Braces Painful?

Orthodontic Braces: Does it hurt?

Just like any medical procedure, the first question that most people think about, especially teens, when it comes to orthodontic braces is, “Is it going to hurt”? However, most people are too afraid to actually ask this question out loud. It is more of a mindset than anything else, because the process of getting orthodontic braces is completely painless and fairly quick, compared to other invasive procedures that can be done to the mouth.

When a patient comes to our office to get brackets, Dr. Rick Herrmann has already done several study models for their patient to make sure that the bracket position is mapped out. It is common practice for most orthodontists to create their own template that fits on the teeth. This helps to keep a visual on where the orthodontic bracket will be positioned during the cementing process. After all, precision is the first fundamental step in creating a successful treatment plan.

The process of placing and cementing the brackets generally takes around two hours, but this is a non invasive procedure. It doesn’t cause the patient any discomfort, it just allows Dr. Herrmann to apply the cement and brackets, to let the cement cure. Next, the wires are placed, and they are used to help get teeth positioned correctly, but it is painless. They use a light gauge wire. This is what allows the bone and gums to adjust with little discomfort to the gentle pressure.

Most patients describe their teeth moving in this process as light pressure. They do not tend to use the words discomfort or pain to describe this process, and this is thanks to the latest orthodontic technology, which helps to reduce inflammation from the teeth moving.

Mild Discomfort During the First Week After Getting Braces

Your lips and cheeks may be tender for a few days, because of the brackets on the teeth rubbing up against them. However, this can be minimized by using the use of orthodontic wax, which is meant to help prevent any tenderness of the lips and cheeks.

A person might have to change their diet and the types of food that they eat after getting orthodontic braces. Chewy, sticky food can actually pull off the braces, which makes the entire procedure pointless. This is only for a short time. This type of food can be consumed again after the orthodontic treatment is completed, but its worth the minor annoyance to keep from messing up the brackets and removing the entire success of the treatment.

There are special instructions that one should follow, while wearing braces. Rest assured that our staff are excellent at providing all of this information to all patients. They give advice on how to floss and brush with braces, and they also give tips on how to handle annoyances like pokey wire (wax).

Orthodontic braces can be a life-changing and exciting experience, and it shouldn’t be feared because of misinformation that regards pain. In less than a week, most people forget that they even have braces, and they start thinking about the beautiful new smile.

There you have it, braces are not painful at all, instead they provide you with a lifelong smile that you will be proud to show off for years to come!