Invisalign Teen – The Discreet Option for Today’s Teens

Invisalign Teen in Mansfield Texas

Invisalign Teen – The Discreet Option for Today’s Teens

Teenagers face many challenges with their body, and this often affects their self-confidence. Their active life also does not make this easier because they are always with friends, playing sports, doing class assignments and playing in bands. Having braces can adversely affect their busy lives because of their visibility. Luckily, here at Rick Herrmann Orthodontics, we have Invisalign Teen treatment that is an excellent alternative to metal bands. You should try out this treatment for your teenager if they are in dire need of braces.

How does Invisalign Teen treatment work?

Invisalign Teen treatment is a modified version of Invisalign treatment to fit the specific needs of teenagers. Instead of using wires, metal bands and braces, it uses aligners that are clear and custom-made for your teenager. The beauty of Invisalign Teen treatment is that the aligners are removable, unlike braces that are permanent during the treatment period.

Benefits of this treatment

Invisalign Teen Treatment offers an array of benefits to teenagers that have busy schedules. Some of its benefits are:

Few limitations and Convenient

Metal braces have many limitations, and they are not convenient for an active teenager because of the many restrictions they have. First, your teenager has to follow a specific diet, and they have to clean their teeth from time to time to maintain the braces. Also, your teenager cannot remove the braces because they are permanent for the duration of the treatment. Your teenager has to regularly visit an orthodontist to have the braces tightened because they are loose.

On the other hand, Invisalign Teen treatment is convenient, and it has very few limitations. Since they are removable, your teenager can remove them when cleaning their teeth or eating. The hassle of having a special diet or maintaining high oral hygiene are thus, absent. The visits to the orthodontist are also few because they do not require tightening or adjusting.

Playing in sports or a band is not a problem

Metal braces or bands can present a challenge when playing certain instruments. Your teenager will have to take extra lessons to learn how to play with them on. Your teenager can still play in their favorite band with braces, except it will be more difficult. Invisalign Teen treatment does not have these restrictions because your teenager can still play instruments with comfort.

In sports, it is safer to have on Invisalign Teen treatment instead of metal braces because the chances of injury are reduced. Metal braces can not only cause personal injury but physical harm to others on the playing field. There are special mouth guards designed for braces, but the safer option is Invisalign Teen treatment.


Teenagers are always concerned about how they look with braces on. Their self-image plays a huge part in their confidence, and if they are not confident in their image, they will develop low self-esteem. To avoid such problems with self-confidence and esteem issues, get Invisalign Teen treatment for your teenagers.

Unlike braces, Invisalign Teen treatment is not visible and can be removed depending on the occasion. For instance, if it is time for taking yearbook pictures, your teen can take them off and have a good yearbook photo.

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A lot of teenagers prefer having Invisalign Teen treatment instead of braces because it allows them to carry on with their busy life. This means they can hang out with friends, go on dates and attend events feeling confident in their teeth. If your teenager wants to get Invisalign Teen treatment, book an appointment with us today. We will set up your first visit, and we look forward to seeing you in our office. Dr. Herrmann serves the Orthodontic needs of families around Mansfield and Arlington, Texas.