Considering online orthodontics? Ask these questions

Considering online orthodontics? Ask these questions

Some Online orthodontist companies often make their services appear very simple. For example, you could be told to take a selfie showing your teeth or send them a scan of your teeth. After several months you will then be sent an email with aligner. That sounds very simple, doesn’t it?

Well, before you jump into such offers, experts suggest that you consider a number of things.

The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) is dedicated to ensuring the perfect delivery of orthodontic services across the country. The association has realized that some online orthodontic firms rarely employ certain vital orthodontic procedures during treatment.

According to the association, orthodontic treatment has to do with the movement of biological materials to correct various dental problems. It asserts that if the orthodontic treatment is not performed well, then the patient stands to face some complex dental problems that could cost them huge sums of money to correct.

Consequently, AAO urges everyone to consider the following questions before seeking services from any online orthodontic company:

1. Are important diagnostic records such as x-rays taken prior to your treatment? If yes, does the fee for treatment include x-rays for teeth and jaws? Does the treatment include an examination of jaw alignment, bite, teeth and how your teeth are connected to the skeletal structure? Does the treatment fee include the taking of photographs of your mouth and digital scans? If no, are you comfortable to proceed with the treatment minus those key dentist services?

2. Will you get any personal visits to a dentist as part of the treatment? If yes, how many? What happens during those visits? If no, will you be comfortable with a treatment process that doesn’t have in-person visits?

3. If an orthodontist is involved in your treatment do you know his or her name, his or her educational background? Are they licensed? In what state does he operate? What are his or her reviews?

4. How do you verify that you are a candidate for orthodontic treatment?

5. What side-effects or risks are related to your dental treatment?

6. Who are you able to communicate with at the online orthodontic company’s platform about your treatment? What is her or his educational background and experience in orthodontics?

7. Who is charged with noting any issues that that might emerge during the orthodontic treatment?

Will it be you or the orthodontic firm? If it is the company’s doctor, who will pay for the check-ups?

8. In case an issue emerges during the treatment, how will the issue be dealt with and who will take responsibility in handling it?

9. In case a dentist is the one handling your orthodontic treatment, how will you be communicating during your treatment process? How will you be able to contact him or her in case of an emergency?

10. If an emergency takes place in the course of treatment, is there an orthodontic representing the company within your area? If there is none, who will cover the cost of seeing another doctor in your locality?

11. In case you get injured during the treatment, what are your rights as a patient?

12. Does the mode of treatment being offered adhere to your state laws as far as orthodontic services are concerned?

In general, there has been an increase in the number of companies offering online orthodontic services. Although it appears to be a more convenient option for many people, it may not be the best option for your long term oral health.